Bill Gates has been there for quite sometime and is still the coolest nerd.He has seen it all and will be remembered in generations to come for what he has done. What Lessons can we lean from him??


Bill Gates

Year 2008 witnessed an extraordinary occurrence – the end of a big chapter in Business, Technology and Greatness. William Henry Gates III, the founder of the leading technology company, Microsoft, has chosen to step back and begin concentrating on the larger objectives in his life. Despite his humble stepping back as CEO at Microsoft in 2008, Gates even so manages to be on top as he ranks second in the Forbes’ 2011 Billionaire List with a net worth of about $56B. Bill Gates certainly has been a popular name to reckon with in almost every single household and in virtually every company. In a profession spanning more than 33 years, he indeed had furnished a magnificent perception of accomplishment for himself as well as the computer industry as a whole.

“If only General Motors had kept up with technology like the computer industry indeed has, we would all be driving…

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