From managing our finances, security, gaming to trafficking these mobile apps have come a long way. They have clearly earned the spot and it’s about time we crowned them here.

Traffic and Social Location


This is a mobile, web and SMS platform developed by Nasoft Technologies with the aim of having passengers and drivers share traffic information through the creation of coded traffic feeds. I am a regular user of this application (@MrEricWainaina) and to say the least it’s a total bliss. The app not only lets you know what’s happening in your route but also gives real time fare charges on the same route. It also allows you to find directions using social location apps such as foursquare and Google maps. Added feature #discover lets the user learn amazing facts about road safety and transport in general. The explore town feature also lets you discover towns around Kenya. I am looking forward to an update that will let me interact with other road users on my route. A past review of the Application can be found here https://ericwainainaonline.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/app-alert-ma3route/ Don’t have the App yet?

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/Ma3route

Subscribe to traffic notifications through SMS short code is 7955. Send “vipi roadname” to get latest traffic update. For example, “vipi Forest road”

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Rating 9/10

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Ma3route Helps find the route fare and get coded information about your route.



When a pal of mine lost their Galaxy Note, I set out looking for a Kenyan Application that would offer my droid the security I needed. And yes I Found it. Wipeout! The Application running on Android and Symbian lets you back up your information and restore it when needed. Now to ensure the security of your device, it lets you wipeout the data of your device (Factory Reset) whenever it’s lost meaning that all your personal information is safeguarded. This also means that the contacts and SMS you had on your phone are not lost. To add on, you can change the screen lock of your lost phone and also control when and how to change the screen lock of your lost phone. It also lets you monitor how many screen lock attempts have been made onto your lost device. The App is available on Nokia Store and Google Play for a one week free trial where it will then cost the user 650/=.

Rating 7/10

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/Wipeout

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           Wipeout Home and Interface,Awesome Application



I have been using this application for close to a year now and I enjoy every aspect of it. Regular updates and amazing features. Currently on version 0.4.3, the app has improved graphics, is more user friendly as well coupled up with a superb user interface. Pesa Droid is an application that lets keep track of your M-PESA transactions ensuring that you are accountable on how you use your funds. Read more on the Application here https://ericwainainaonline.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/pesa-droid-2/.The App lets you generate statements over a given period of time. Among the enhancements that have been bolstered on the application are security features meaning no unauthorized persons can randomly use your information as well as a transaction assistant which is available on the Payable module (Alfajiri) that helps you perform your M-PESA transactions.  The other is the feature for M-PESA agents to track their transactions. Pesa Droid is just the Premier M-PESA Application!!

Rating 9/10

Download Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/Pesadroid

Twitter @Pesadroid

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     Pesa Droid Home and Transaction Assistant


Tough Jungle

This is gaming application offers all round entertainment and keeps you captivated that you even lose track of time. The application gives you a feel of the wild as you battle it out with wild animals and evade the land mines to move to the next level. The game also gives you the Temple Run thrilling as you escape the hurdles in it. The Application is very much Kenyan with traditional Maasai Music tunes belting out as you spear a Lion and Jump over the landmines and rocky terrain. A help in form of a raven appears with extra spears and arrows to help you navigate.

Try It out

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elan.telemedia.game

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Tough Jungle Home and Gaming Interface.

There you have it People, Get these Apps.